Hi and welcome to my new site!

This site has been made to showcase my photography work and also to function as a travel blog where I will log my travels from every corner of the world. I will keep you updated with stories, pictures and experiences as much as I can. Click “Read more” to see what my next travel plans are.

Happy reading!

In 2 days I will be headed towards Miami for a short 2-day stopover before flying south to Costa Rica. I will be travelling for 4 weeks where the main goal is to surf as much as physically possible in Costa Rica and Nicaragua before flying back to the US and Las Vegas to round it up with some high stakes gambling. I will do my very best to put up some posts every now and then to tell you about my experiences.

If you have any travel tips or advice for surfing the pacific coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua I would love to hear back from you in the comment field!

– Eivind